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Frank James has been running his Total Clean franchise in Aberdeen since the 1st of December 2015. As the first Scottish franchisee in the network, Frank is extremely keen to build a successful business. Having run his own business before, Frank decided to invest in a franchise in order to benefit from the support and knowledge available within an established business.

“I worked for North Sea Oil for a number of years but I was always away so I wanted something I could run from home. After leaving the oil industry I started up my own logistics company but found that it came with all the same stress as my previous job! I met Carlos Garcia, Group Managing Director at Total Clean, and really liked the sound of the franchise opportunity. The beauty of franchising is that the franchisor has the experience and you don’t have to make the same mistakes because they’ve done it for you. You buy into the enterprise.”

“I chose franchising because I had learned a lot from the business I had set up before. I did all of the hard work but I didn’t have a formula for the business. I knew that I needed to make a presence in the market so I looked at logistics companies but I started to look into franchising because it’s a good way to set up a business and learn about a completely new industry.”

“When I left my last job, I felt that franchising would be my best option. You’re given a formula that works and has been tested, Carlos has been running Total Clean for over 25 years! With Total Clean, you’re operating in a solid market that’s not affected by the weather, inflation or other reasons that make people change course. Cleaning is something that everyone needs and it affect people’s health. It took me a month to really research them and speak to their franchisees. I also spoke to Total Clean customers and heard good review.”

Having looked at a range of businesses before deciding on Total Clean, Frank knew that he needed to choose a business that would weather tough economic climates. Keen to avoid fad markets or markets that are subject to change depending on customer’s whims, Frank knew that the cleaning market would offer him the type of business he was looking for.

“With Total Clean we offer a cleaning service which is always needed! Some companies ask the staff to do the cleaning but most don’t want to so they contract the work out. Total Clean is a business I can run from home without a huge initial investment and other franchises that I looked at were too expensive. There is no fool proof business – you always have to work hard to make it work but the extra support is extremely valuable. The team blew me away when I spoke to them and they didn’t push me to make a decision. They’re always there to help you, no questions asked.”

Total Clean has operated in the commercial cleaning sector for 25 years with a success that is based on an unrelenting commitment to service excellence and an obsessive attention to detail. Total Clean is a Management Franchise Opportunity which means you will operate as the ‘General Manager’ within your exclusive territory. You will be responsible for managing and developing the region as well as leading the cleaning operations team that will deliver the contracted works.

Although he had run a business before, Frank still valued the training and support on offer with a Total Clean franchise. Franchising offers many aspiring business owners the opportunity to venture into a market that they have no experience in. With full training and support, Total Clean is no different.

“Before my training I had already met the team and established a rapport with them. There’s a real family approach at London HQ. The team are cohesive and really tight. They exude a lot of warmth and nothing is too much hassle for them. I found the whole team very knowledgeable and approachable. I get on great with Carlos on a personal level and that’s great because I wouldn’t want to work with someone I don’t get on with. We have the same work ethic and operate on the same wavelength.”

“The training was concise and the perfect kind of training. There’s a science to cleaning that I didn’t know about! You need to understand the various different chemicals and how they work together. I come from an engineering background so I did find the training slightly overwhelming but too much knowledge is never a bad thing. There’s a lot you need to know and I had to work hard for the full two weeks. I can now call on the experts at Head Office whenever I need the backup and support.”

“The team members are all very knowledgeable and there are ex-carpet cleaners, prevention, health & safety and industry standard manufacturers to use so everything is covered. They’ve made all the mistakes before so they know the do’s and don’ts.”

“I’m enthusiastic and raring to go with my business. There was a little bit of trepidation but I couldn’t wait to get started. I love people so I’m looking forward to meeting lots of different people. I’ll be talking to them to sell my services and products. It’s a real buzz when you win a contract.”

“My advice to anyone looking to start a franchise would be to make sure you do your due diligence. The bfa is a good place to start because they regulate the industry. There are quite a few businesses out there who will just take your money and you don’t receive the support you need. Make sure the opportunity is right for you and it fits with your personality and skillset. Do your homework and work out what your investment should be. The first year is crucial so make sure you see the cash flow projections for the business. Will it earn enough money for you and your family?”

“I’ve now got 13 years until I retire. Eventually I’d like to hand the business over to my children. My territory is big enough for all 5 to be involved if they want to be! I want it to be a family business and one of my sons is already very keen to get involved.”

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