Earnings Projections

Substantial, sustainable profitability.

The Total Clean model offers its Franchise Partners a very attractive yet realistic earnings opportunity. More in depth detail relating to the financial model will be possible to preview and discuss at an advanced stage of our awarding process.

This table shows the profit margins achievable on certain levels of turnover. They are based entirely on the business operated by Total Clean London West End and City as at 30 June 2016. They are not derived from any testing with an independent third party or pilot operation. Price levels and margins may differ within different regions in the UK, thus no warranty or guarantee is given to the accuracy of the figures. The success of a Franchise Partner very much depends on their own efforts, the local market and general economic conditions and if the franchise system is followed.
    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
    Total Sales 32 57 82 107
    Total Revenues (£) 203,249 476,994 751,655 1,026,316
    Direct Costs (£) 27,757 64,199 100,896 137,593
    Gross Profit (£) 175,492 412,795 650,759 888,723
    Operating Costs (£) 160,327 331,851 516,882 676,683
    Operating Profit (£) 15,165 80,944 133,877 212,039