The Best Cleaning Franchise opportunity we can offer

With over 35 years’ experience, we are proud to offer the very best of franchising, with comprehensive training, support and administrative services.

We have developed a system of cleaning and business management for entrepreneurs which delivers success. What’s more, we offer guaranteed business for all our cleaning franchisees.

Guaranteed business for franchisee

We guarantee to offer an agreed amount of monthly turnover, delivered within a defined period and a defined territory and scaled to your level of investment, so that you get your new business off to a flying start.

With contracted customers from the start, you can then grow your cleaning business at a pace, and in a style that suits you. To win your own business, we will provide you with all the sales training you need to succeed.

Investment Levels

* Please also enquire about our unique “bespoke” plan to be designed around those that wish to have even greater guaranteed returns to form the initial kick start to their exciting business growth journey.

Initial period shall mean 12 months. At the end of 12 months Total Clean shall pay x 2 the difference in the monthly billing of month 12 in month 13. For example if you had invested in the Business Plus plan and the billing in month 12, the last month of your initial period is £2,333 and not £3,333 or more, Total Clean shall refund you £2000 to fulfil our Guarantee.

Sales experience is not a pre-requisite of investing in a Total Clean Franchise

Just as previous cleaning experience is not a requirement, nor is previous sales experience a pre-requisite to investing in a Total Clean franchise. We commit to win business based on your investment level as well as provide the sales training you need to grow and run your business. Our experienced team is there to share its collective knowledge and provide support and help guide you in growing your business.

what they say about us

our most recent awards

Total Clean have been recognised as industry-leaders through the years, with some of our most recent awards.

2020/21 Award Winner
Office Cleaning Service of the Year | UK

2019 Award Winner
Best Office Cleaning Franchise | UK

2018 Award Winner
Company of the Year | UK

2018 Award Winner
Best Office Cleaning Franchise | UK

Our Accreditations

We have in excess of 50 years combined experience in Franchising and Commercial Cleaning and have used that experience to develop a best in class system for managing and growing a successful commercial cleaning franchise. Our systems and processes specifically target, amongst other things, the key success criteria for any business. We have achieved a number of key registrations, memberships and associations that reflect the strength of our systems.

Real Success Stories

A selection of our most successful cleaning franchisees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure you will have a lot of questions and we would be glad to explore these with you. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions:

It is only natural to consider starting your own cleaning franchise, but in our experience, it is easy for new entrepreneurs to underestimate the true cost of this, both in time and financial investment, as well as the risk. All business have start-up costs and when starting your own business you will also need to spend money on extensive sales and marketing activities to develop new business. Win rates will vary and this, along with cash flow problems associated with a variable income stream, can be key factors in new business failures.

Total Clean provides a lower risk, higher-reward model for starting a new business. Our tried and tested training, support and procedures, and critically our guaranteed business model, mean you can hit the ground running with guaranteed turnover and vastly reduce set up cost, time and mistakes. By comparison to your own business, if you wish to continue to grow, we can provide you with new business for the lifetime of your franchise without you ever having to make a single sale, so you can focus on delivery, growth and profitability.

No. Total Clean will provide all of the necessary initial and future training. Detailed sector-specific cleaning knowledge will also be gained over time as you operate your business. Our suggestion is that you deliver some of the total cleaning services yourself in the early stages, so you learn the business from the ground up with hands-on experience, but that you quickly move to a model where you are managing the contracts and supervising your teams’ delivery of them.

We offer cleaning franchise packages suited to all levels of investment, starting at £20,000 + vat. This investment includes all initial and ongoing training, sales, marketing and administrative support and of course the guaranteed business associated with your plan, giving you the security of turnover from the start. Refer to pXX for further details of the plan available, which can be tailored to your available investment.

As well as providing you with guaranteed monthly turnover, in line with your plan, your investment includes ongoing access to the successful Total Clean franchise system providing you with the programmes, systems and processes you need.

You gain a complete back-office team as part of your franchise package, including central administration, sales, marketing, invoicing and credit control. This provides you with the skills and support to build your new venture and significantly reduces you initial and ongoing costs and enables you to focus on customers and on profit.

Our aim is to work with you to grow your business to be as successful as you would like, from a comfortable £250k turnover to an aspirational £1m+ turnover. Your ambition is our ambition.

The cleaning franchise agreement has a minimum term of five years. You can then renew the agreement in its current form to continue to grow your business. There are no additional license fees at renewal.

At the point you are ready to step back from your franchise, you have options including passing the business on to a family member at no cost, or selling your cleaning franchise.

Your guaranteed business is included in your initial plan purchase price. For example, if you choose Plan 4, you are guaranteed £4,000 of monthly business. The contracts are then yours to nurture and manage to continue the success of your business. The longer you keep the contract, the greater the return. Your key role as the franchisee is to proactively manage and retain your customers, and we know due to the success of the Total Clean system, that our franchisees retain their customers for an average of eight years, which far exceeds the length of typical commercial cleaning contracts.

As the franchisee, you decide how to run your business. You may start out by looking after the clients yourself to maximise your profits and fully understand your business from every perspective, and then employ team members as you grow and develop your business and increase your contracts.

Total Clean offer you an agreed amount of business, in line with the size of franchise you have purchased, taking the stress out of building your own revenue stream. This gives you complete peace of mind, knowing that we will bring the new business to you in an agreed geographical area and timeframe.

When you are ready, you are of course free to continue to grow your business at a pace that suits you thereafter and we will support you every step of the way. You can work with our central sales team to win additional business for you, as well as seeking out and winning new business independently yourself. Our proven cleaning franchise system provides the training, support and resources to allow you to succeed.